Something is wrong here …!

Problems are showing up in your vineyard:
The vines are not thriving,
the grapes do not reach optimal ripeness,
the vine leaves wither prematurely,
pests are doing their evil work …

My diagnostics include:

. well-founded soil investigation
. identification of vine diseases
. identification of wood diseases
. determination of Xylella fastidiosa
. nutrient analysis
. detection of hidden pests

My curative measures:

. treatment of vine and wood diseases
. remediation in case of infestation of Esca etc.
. preparation of the optimal soil condition
. compensation for nutrient deficiencies

My protective measures:

In order to maintain or further strengthen the health of soil, plants and grapevine in your vineyard, I also provide you with

. an adapted spraying plan
. specific fertilization recommendations

All measures carried out or recommended by me take place in cooperation with your oenologist or field manager.

Call me – I´ll come immediately!

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