Wine Description

To put a wine into words is a thing of its own.

Often you will find verbose or cryptic formulations,
which are hardly tangible for the “normal” wine lover.

In any case, a wine description should be written as simply and objectively as possible.

It applies to designate the perceptible characteristics of optics, smell and taste understandably and accurately.

In short – a wine description must be comprehensible.

It should enable your customers or guests to choose exactly the drop that perfectly accompanies the respective dish.

An inappropriate wine will ruin the finest menu!

My offer:

After appropriate tasting, I provide you
with spot-on wine descriptions for

. trade & distribution

. your web store

. trade press & marketing

Specialist translations

I provide you with nuanced translations
in precise technical terminology
on the subjects of wine, viticulture and technology.

Whether it’s a website, brochure or editorial article:
In collaboration with my professional translator and copywriter Charlotte, I translate your wine texts
from Spanish and English into German.

Not the other way around.

Tell me briefly what you need –
I look forward to hearing from you!